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Hand crafted synthetic ropes for shibari, kinbaku and hojōjutsu bondage

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Our Ropes

Rope With Bite stocks two types of rope, both made from synthetic materials designed to blend visually with traditional hemp ropes: Hempex and BiteSP.
Originally designed for halyard and sheet ropes on classic tall ship sailing, synthetic hemp has a natural feel but requires no pre treatment and will soften with use.
Our ropes are hand finished with thistle knots, left with 3cm bare ends that allow for easy manipulation, and prevent any fraying even under heavy load.

Material Differences

Hempex is made from spun polypropylene with a look and feel similar to traditional hemp rope. It is easy to grip and is soft on the hands. It has excellent breaking load, good resistance to abrasion and will not rot.

BiteSP is made with extremely dense fine polyester fibers which are spun under tension resulting in extremely low elongation, so these ropes will maintain their original length even through heavy use. BiteSP is stronger, has a higher melting point, uv resistance and feels softer to the touch than hempex, comparable to cotton.

Safe Rope

However pretty and long lasting it is, if there is an issue, you should never hesitate to cut your rope. If you find yourself in a situation where the person you have tied is in danger and you cut the rope we will replace it for free. Just send us the pieces and let us know what happened through a Rope Incident Report.

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Technical Specifications

Hempex BiteSP
Diameter 6mm 6mm
Construction 3 strands 3 strands
Specific gravity 0.91 (floats) 1.38 (sinks)
UV-resistance Good Good
Abrasion resistance Good Good
Abrasion resistance Good Good
Touch Soft Very Soft
Wet vs dry strength 100% 100%
Melting point 165 ºC 265 ºC
Short term heat resistance 80 ºC 170 ºC
Elongation at 20% break 4% 2%
Colour Beige/Sandy Beige
Weight / 100m 1.81 kg 2.31 kg
Linear breaking (mass) 531 kg 554 kg
Linear breaking (force) 5.21 kN 5.44 kN

6mm Hempex

£6 / 8.5m length

  • Spun polypropylene
  • Thistle knotted tips
  • 531 kg rating
  • 4% Elongation at 20% break

6mm BiteSP

£12 / 8.5m length

  • Spun polyester
  • Thistle knotted tips
  • 554 kg rating
  • 2% Elongation at 20% break

Custom Order

  • Bulk Discounts
  • Custom end finishes
  • Custom lengths

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