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Workshops Code of Conduct

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Workshops Code of Conduct

Workshops aim to cultivate LGBTQ*, poly & kink-friendly, explicit-consent aware environments.

To aid this, I follow a code of conduct - this helps to set expectations on my behaviour for attendees, as well as to hold myself to account.

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1. I will treat all attendees with respect before, during, and after the event.

I will not disparage them or their questions. I expect the same level of respect in return.

2. I will not pretend to have knowledge that I do not have.

I have experience, but I am not an “expert”. I will freely admit if a question is asked and I do not know the answer.

I will keep control of my classroom and my presentation, but I will acknowledge and accept constructive criticism, participation and respectful voices.

3. I will promote risk awareness and risk reduction during my classes

Through explanations of known and possible risks and discussion and suggestions of ways to lower those risks.

I teach risky topics. I will not shy away from teaching risky topics.

I accept no responsibility for what people do outside my classroom, however, I feel strongly that it is better to teach than to not teach.

We can have honest discussions in a controlled, risk aware environment and talk about mistakes, mitigation, problems and experiences openly. This is far preferable than having no information available and having people experiment without any offered experience, possibly unaware of risks and on their own.

4. Any demo bottom’s wellbeing is more important than putting on a show for the class.

My demo bottoms will be treated as a valuable part of the class. I will not be negligent of my bottom's physical and emotional state before, during, or after the classes. This includes taking responsibility for any injury or consent incident that may occur and providing the necessary care.

I will explain the safe signals that have been negotiated, to the class, and ask for the vigilance and attention of attendees to these signals.

5. Enthusiastic consent will be sought and modelled throughout class.

No one will ever be pressured, enticed or intimidated into participating in my class in any way. Consent discussion and negotiation will be naturally incorporated into every class.

6. Classes will follow the topics in the class description.

However, instruction and demos may be adjusted based upon participation, demo bottoms, attendee skill level, attendee interest, and available time.

7. I will not use my classes to seek play partners.

I may (at my own discretion) accept an offered invitation to negotiate play. Whether privately or in the space.

8. I may choose not to scene / play with anyone outside of my classes.

I will socialize, represent the event, and happily answer questions as much as possible.

I am not compelled to play with anyone, for any reason, except my own personal desire to do so (and theirs).

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