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Growly's style focuses on a two way connection between top and bottom, with communication a key element to developing effective partnerships in order to create successful rope experiences.

An engineering background has led him to favour functional, minimal styles: where every movement has meaning and purpose.

Workshops aim to cultivate LGBTQ*, poly & kink-friendly, explicit-consent aware environments, following my own code of conduct.

To book Growly, please mail [email protected]

Beginner's Session

Beginner - No partner required

Intro to rope - terminology, what, why, basic safety
Single Column (Somerville bowline)
Double Column
Adding a rope

Single Columns

Beginner - No partner required

Basics of column ties: what makes a good column tie, why it matters
Somerville Bowline
Slipped Somerville
Double Column Somerville
Jack-Opal Hoju Single Column
Inline Single Column
Inline Hoju Cuff


Beginner - Partner required

Knotless karada, showing basic structure, and capabilities to use as a base to affix other ties to.
Crotch rope discussions
Adaptations for body types / genitalia present etc

Shinju Chest Harness

Beginner - Partner ideal

Basic structural chest harness (suspension worthy)
Attachment points for other ties
Adaptations for body types / genitalia present etc


Beginner-Intermediate - Partner required

Description of hoju, why, how it differs.
Making a hoju fast rope / hayanawa
Basic Hoju diamond harness
Transition to hog tie with a hoju cuff

2 Rope TK

Beginner-Intermediate- Partner required

Structural 2TK, Osada or Gorgone style
Discussion of components and frictions used
First rope / upper wrap / X-friction
Second wraps / half-moon
Kannuki 閂

Free Tying Techniques

Beginner-Intermediate - Partner required

Munter hitches
Flow and tension (rigger finger, and techniques)
One-rope from arm
Cow Hitch, Half Hitch, Round Turn

Hip Harness

Beginner-Intermediate - No partner required

Structured, 2 rope harness as a platform for floorwork
Attachment points
3rd rope for suspension comfort


Beginner-Intermediate - No partner required

Spiral and Minimal
Gorgone's diamond
Discussions of use (to chest, to suspend from)

Shin Rope and Reactions

Beginner - Partner required

Shin rope, stomach rope, crotch ropes
Discussions on increasing / changing effects (bottle caps, positioning)
Pressure points, pokey sticks, tourniquet effects

Uplines and Hangars

Advanced - Partner required - small group / 1-1 only

Introduction to suspension
Hangars and attaching to harnesses.
Upline management
Tie-offs and securing a line
Hardpoint discussion
Inversion and dynamics
Jams and twists and falls

Handling, Speed, Power and Acceleration

Group Workshop

Longer form workshop focused on rope handling to control speed and power, whilst playing with the effects that variations bring to a scene.
An introduction to functional yet minimal components as part of a toolkit. Combining these techniques to form a floor-work and playtime optimised, brutalist 2 rope TK / box tie.

Custom Tuition

Built to your needs

A workshop or 1-1 time
Focus entirely based on your needs and wishes

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